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Welcome to the Student Health Portal


You may login using your Samuel Merritt University User Name and Password (do not enter the entire email address, only your user name).  Once logged in you will have access to online services such as:


  • Enter vaccines records, TB Skin test, and/or chest x-ray and TB survey
  • Upload all supporting health documents including: health history forms, vaccines, and TB screening records
  • View scheduled appointments
  • Secure communication with SHAC administrative staff


We are committed to protecting your personal information. Data that you provide cannot be viewed by anyone else on the Web and is securely maintained by industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption and decryption technology when needed.


Note: Students must have a valid SMU email account and have paid the tuition deposit in order to access STUDENT HEALTH PORTAL.

Preferred browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (May not be compatible with Internet Explorer)


While on the Student Health Portal, if you experience any issue with: login and access, entering health data or uploading documents, please contact SHAC at (510) 879-9288.

Be sure to tell us which browser you were using, what you were trying to do, and what error appeared.